Project HR Management

What is Project HR Management

Project HR Management is about managing, organizing and leading the project team throughout the entire project life cycle. When it comes to Project HR Management, different project personnel have different roles and responsibilities which are important to drive the project towards success. Apart from that, they have different set of skills necessary to perform project activities. While the project progresses, team members maybe added, removed, assigned full-time or part-time. It’s important to have a collaborate session with all the project team members when initiating and planning the project since team work always strengthens the commitment towards the project.

Project Management team is a subset of project team. They are responsible for project management related activities such as project initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing project or phase. In terms of Project HR Management related activities, 4 major processes have been identified to perform. They are;

Plan HR Management

This is a subsidiary plan of the Project Management Plan and it includes the activities such as documenting project roles and responsibilities, reporting structures and the staffing management plan. The HR Management Plan supports the project management team to identify team members’ roles and responsibilities, the organizational reporting structure and charts (E.g.: RACI Charts) as well as the staffing management plan that includes the member acquisition and release from the projects.

Acquire Project Team

Under this process, it confirms the human resource availability and acquires the necessary human resources to complete the project activities. Through this process, it guides the project management team to acquire the relevant project personnel for relevant responsibilities required by the project to build a successful project team.

Develop Project Team

Within this process, the competency level of the team members is improved while enhancing their interaction level and performances which will have a direct impact towards the project performance. By doing so, the team work gets improved and the team members get motivated which leads to an enhancement of the project performance.

Manage Project Team

This is another important process defined under project human resource management knowledge area. Among this process, performance of the team members is tracked and the relevant feedback is given to the relevant team member. In addition, issues and conflicts among the team members are resolved to enhance the teamwork efficiency.

Below table shows under which Project Management Process Group the above processes are performed.

Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring and
No ProcessĀ  Performed Plan Human Resource Management
  1. Acquire Project Team
  2. Develop Project Team
  3. Manage Project Team
No ProcessĀ  Performed No ProcessĀ  Performed


**Please note that each and every individual process mentioned above will be explained further separately.

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