Agile Manifesto Values

Agile Manifesto Values

The Agile Manifesto Values define how the values behind Agile framework function to lead projects towards their success. According to the defined manifesto, a group of 17 thought leaders including Alistair Cockburn, Kent Beck, Jon Kern have identified 4 values . The ‘Values of Agile Manifesto’ is stated as follows:

“We are uncovering better ways of developing products by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value;”

Agile Manifesto - Values
Agile Manifesto – Values

Individual and Interactions over Processes and Tools

People are considered the most important factor. Team is driven to focus on individual and interactions. This value promotes the self management and shared ownership of the project.

Working Products over Comprehensive Documentation

This value focus on delivering a working product / software. Documentation is necessary, but without a working product, documentation won’t do any good. Team should not let the documentation process to distract themselves from producing a working product.

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiations

It’s normal that the business requirements change from time to time, hence putting everything under a contract at the beginning itself will not be practical. Both parties (Team and the Customer) must be flexible when it comes to embracing change to the product. Team should work closely with the customer to achieve a shared vision and goal. Therefore, both parties need to build trust among themselves and proceed with flexible contracts.

Responding to Change over Following a Plan

Requirements change frequently based on the client’s needs. Therefore, coming up with a concrete plan from the start of the project will not be effective. It’s recommended to initiate the project with a high level plan. Next, with more info: and knowledge related to the product being gained from time to time, improve the feature list to-do and execute the project based on the priority. In order to succeed with this, every team member is advised to participate in planning the product list.

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