Project Quality Management

What is Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management is considered as the main knowledge area that the project management team needs to look into while building the project. It includes the processes that define quality policies, objectives and responsibilities, hence the project will satisfy the needs and requirements for which it was undertaken. (PMBOK 5th edition) Project Quality Management always works aligned with the organization’s quality management system. The ultimate objective of this knowledge area is to make sure that the project and product requirements are completed and validated accordingly.

There are 3 main processes mentioned under this knowledge area. They are;

Plan Quality Management

It is the process of identifying quality requirements and standards of the project deliverables and documenting them on how the project will be built according to the relevant quality requirements. This is a subsidiary plan of the project management plan. Its main benefit is that it guides the project team on how the project quality needs to be maintained throughout the project life cycle.

Perform Quality Assurance

This process is focused on project and it audits the quality requirements and the final results from the respective control measuring activities to make sure that suitable quality standards and definitions are used. In addition, it also supports the continuous improvement of quality process.

Control Quality

This process is focused on product and it involves in monitoring, reviewing and recording results of executing the quality maintaining related activities to track the performance and provide recommendations on necessary changes. There are few benefits identified under this process.

  • It identifies the reasons for weak processes, products with poor quality and provides necessary recommendations to overcome them.
  • It validates and verifies the product / project deliverables and leads the project management team to drive the project towards its final acceptance criteria defined by stakeholders.

Below table shows under which Project Management Process Group the above processes are performed.

Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring and
No ProcessĀ  Performed Plan Quality Management Perform Quality Assurance Control Quality No ProcessĀ  Performed

**Please note that each and every individual process mentioned above will be explained further separately.

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